About us

Gods Mission. Our Drive.



All good things come on a Friday. The weekend starts, we take time to rest, and the Lord laid down his life for us all on a Friday. So as we move along in our lives let the Fire in our souls never burn out for resting in him, thanking him and to enjoy all that he has for us. Our burning desire for Jesus Christ!


Our “Bigger Picture” is to see our youth experience Jesus! So what does that look like, and what does that even mean? Bringing the truth of the Gospel to a confused and dying generation that is riddled with suicide, mental instability, depression, addiction, anxiety, peer pressure, gender dysphoria, bullying, abortion, abuse, and the list goes on and on. They are all in desperate need of a savior. At our events with Friday Nite Fire we bring Christ, Connection & Purpose into their lives.

Christ- The Gospel, Prayer teams, Christ-based musicians of all genres, inspirational speakers, testimonials, discipleship, and Bibles.

Connection- community programs, local resources, ministries, and community leaders

Purpose- Restore Hope, introduce positive future goals, encourage them to give back to their community, show them how to live their lives for Jesus.


Music is a universal language that promotes inspiration, provides passion, energizes your desires, and creates a mindset to succeed. It tells of someone’s journey through life. At an FNF event we bring live artists with a positive message to connect with this specific demographic that can reach them right where they are. We believe in the biblical power that the words of their testimony can and will transform lives and we will have youth sharing these life changing stories along with a message from an inspirational speaker. 


As the body of Christ we are sent out to preach the good news and make disciples of all Nations. In a world that wants to alienate our youth, we want to welcome them into God’s family and give them a sense of belonging, instilling in them a flame for their future.

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You can go to our Events Schedule,  Gallery, or Video pages to learn more about FNF and God's vision with our organization, or you can contact us with this link!